Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Finding Life Beyond Earth: Education and Outreach

Violent geysers shoot plumes of ice hundreds of kilometers into space, feeding the massive rings around a giant gaseous planet.  Liquid methane rains down from thick clouds, pooling in rivers and lakes that carve the surface of a geologically active moon. Are these scenes from a science fiction movie?  No, they’re just a few of the moments you will encounter in NOVA's Finding Life Beyond Earth, a new 2-hour special that premieres Wednesday, October 19 at 9 PM (check local listings). 
 The resources for Finding Life Beyond Earth have been designed to be flexible and easy for science educators and outreach experts to incorporate into their classrooms and programs. From themed Science Cafes to a collection of teachers resources, there is something for every interested in engaging in the search for life in the solar system and beyond! The questions addressed in the program includes: 
  • What is life?
  • What are the requirements of life?
  • What makes a planet or moon habitable?
  • What environments on Earth are similar to ones out in the solar system?
  • Where are scientists looking for life in the solar system?
  • How are scientists searching for life beyond Earth?
We hope these resources will help you join in the search for life beyond Earth. Along the way, friend us on Facebook, register to receive our monthly newsletter, visit NASA's Year of the Solar System website, join NASA's Museum Alliance, register to be a cafe speaker or a Solar System Ambassador. Enjoy the exploration! NOVA's Education Team (Rachel, Graham, Maiken, and our great interns Rachel and Lauren)

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